Drama Control

We are the Drama Control of the Junges Schauspielhaus Bochum and have decided that this place, the Theaterrevier, will be a place for everyone.

The Theaterrevier is a place where creative and artistic freedom can unfold. A protected area for children and young people, who negotiate their rules there collectively and determine them themselves. A way of togetherness that contributes to being prepared for social coexistence, also within the world of adults.
In the Theaterrevier, power is to be handed over to the children and young people. In order to achieve this, the Theaterrevier has a 15-member youth supervisory board, called Drama Control. Its members can propose themes and projects, get to know artists, give concrete instructions to the Theaterrevier team, and help elaborate the program, the artistic processes, and the theater’s communication.

To enforce that, the 15 members of Drama Control are writing a manifesto that will include their rules and their visions for the Theaterrevier. All artists and employees of the Theaterrevier will have to sign this manifesto and abide by it.

We are the Drama Control

Jolanthe (6)

“I want to act a play when I grow up.”



Aileen (6)

“I think the plays are beautiful.”



Ida (8)

“I want to be an actress and be famous.”



Kennet (8)

“At the theater, I especially like to look at the equipment at the end of the play.”



Henry (9)

“I hope that Drama Control is going to be fun!”



Ariane (10)

“I’ve been in a gang for two years, so I should be able to have a say!”



Godswill (11)

“Acting has been my dream since I was three years old.”



Till (11)

“I join the Drama Control because I like theater and because here, unlike in everyday life, kids get to decide!”



Finnja (15)

“In theater, you can be different without having to be different!”



Jonathan (16)

“I like the theater!”



Marc (17)

“Being free, not giving up, teamwork, releasing stress, fighting through, that’s theater for me!”



Annika (17)

“For the art, for the theater and the poetry, for the sounds and the image, for the rethinking of every angle, for every need’s consideration, for consent, for the stage, for everyone.”



Rebecca (18)

“I want to meet new people and want to implement new ideas.”



Paula (19)

“I admire the art of the theater.”



Aras (21)

“In a play, you bring something good to the audience and to some, something bad.”