My body belongs to me. I decide how I dress, whether and how I put on make-up, how I wear my hair. I can influence that. What I cannot influence are the looks that are cast on my body. How I am looked at, what the looks fall on, what thoughts arise about me and my body. What if the looks turn into touches? And I don’t want that? Where is the border between what is still acceptable or coincidental and unwanted glances? What do these looks do to me, and can I defend myself against them? Who actually determines what a female body should look like, what clothes it should wear, and what do these looks say about ourselves and our relationship to our own bodies? Why are certain bodies considered particularly desirable and others not? In girls’ writing we look for answers to the question of where certain images of femininity and the urge to observe and evaluate women and their bodies actually come from.

!! Content warning: sexual harassment !!!


by Özlem Özgül Dündar and Drama Control
Director: Selen Kara
With: Romy Vreden
Music: Torsten Kindermann
Stage: Lydia Merkel
Costume design: Sophia Deimel
Dramaturgy: Jasmin Maghames
Photos: Emelyn Yábar Tito

Sun. 28.08.22 at 7 p.m. ++ Theatre District

Further dates:

Sun. 16.10.22 ++ 7 pm ++ Theaterrevier
Tue. 18.10.22 ++ 10 am ++ Theaterrevier ++ School performance
Thu. 27.10.22 ++ 7:30 pm ++ Theaterrevier
Fri. 28.10.22 ++ 10 a.m. ++ Theaterrevier