Whatever The Fuck You Want

Whatever the Fuck You Want – The Open Stage format takes place again this season.

The theatre district invites people to make the stage their own and show whatever they want. From readings to performances to acrobatic shows. From children and young people to adults, from professional theatre makers to people who are on stage for the first time. Whatever The Fuck You Want offers one evening, one stage.

This season WTFYW becomes a laboratory. Every edition an experiment. For each edition, an over-theme is set by Drama Control. (The children’s and youth supervisory board of the Junges Schauspielhaus). You can apply with a short concept on the respective topic. What have you always wanted to do on stage? Which 3 keywords come to your mind immediately?

Drama Control will read your concepts and then vote on who will be allowed to use the stage for one evening. You can then realise your idea on the stage of the theatre district in 24 hours. Yes, each group/performer has only 24 hours to develop something and create an hour-long evening. Because at WTFYW the focus is on the idea and the process and less on a fully developed work. And at the end, there will be presentations, rehearsals and perhaps even improvisation.

If you would like to develop and present a format on stage without any elaborate concept, then you can apply with a short self-description and a short concept (maximum 10 lines) by email to: drama.control@schauspielhausbochum.de.

It doesn’t matter how old you are or how often you have been on stage. Just apply and become part of the “Whatever The Fuck You Want – Experimentation Lab”!