Stück 04

What motivates us to say no? What motivates us to fight for our rights? What restlessness drives us to take our protests to the streets? 

In the 4th piece of the young dance theatre Ensample from Herne, twelve young dancers from different dance styles explore these themes and questions and give them expression and movement. Break dancers, ballet dancers, popping dancers, hip hop and modern dancers meet here and together create a dance theatre piece about Restlessness.

BY AND WITH: Julia Keszler, Orim Tatari, Elena Roserschein, Mohammad Al Haji, Antoine Watermann, Selina Mic, Darbas Darbas, Lilian Schalla, Sezin Ince, Nida Sever, Henning Langer, Ameli Kremer, Charlotte Kessen
artistic direction:Kama Frankl-Groß
CHOREOGRAPHY: Kwame Osei & Hendrik Michalski
DRAMATURGY: Christopher Deutsch
TEXTS: Excerpts from John Lennon “Imagine”, Kyndra Kennedy “Black.Matters”, Kate Tempest “People’s faces”, Kama Frankl-Groß “Unruhe”
MUSIC: “Body Ambient” by RYX, “Step Turns” by Reptilicus, “Basementbird” by Erlie Bird, “Praise” by TrustBeatz

Location: Theaterrevier
Fri. 29.10. at 7pm
Sat. 30.10. at 7:00 pm


A cooperation of ENSAMPLE with the Landesvereinigung kulturelle Jugendarbeit NRW and the Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Tanz NRW. Funded by the Ministry for Children, Family, Refugees and Integration NRW and supported by the City of Herne and NWB Verlag.

Supported by Neue Wege. Municipal Theatres & Orchestras in NRW