WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT #2: #Liebesformel – wie du lernst mit der Liebe zu rechnen

This month, our Drama Control has invited Jill to the Theaterrevier to talk about his exciting life and love stories.

Who is Jill Deimel?

Authentic at last, free, courageous and powerfully filled with love!

Being born physically with the sexual characteristics of a woman has meant for him that the connection between soul and body was broken from the beginning. The time spent in a female body, which did not match his male soul, was such a painful and profound experience that it almost cost him his life. Z´That’s why he knows from his own experience what it means to feel no connection to oneself and how rocky the search for this unity between body and soul can be and how healing finding a balance is.

This very special way of life and his understanding of the roles of man and woman makes him an expert when it comes to subjects as love and life in general!

Become the love of your life with the #loveformula and learn and train: how to reckon with love!

Text/Photo: Jill Deimel

Location: Theaterrevier

Fri. 22.10. at 7:30 pm


Chosen by the Drama Control

Dramaturgy: Jana Eiting
Stage design: Ioulia Marouda

Funded by Neue Wege. Communal Theatres & Orchestras in NRW